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Milling Machine G code

KAF Manufacturing’s CNC Department is unique. We can bar feed and chuck diameters as small as 1mm. The largest diameter we can bar feed or bar pull is 3.00″ diameter. For chucking work we can chuck 15″ diameter and swing 21″ diameter. 

Most milling machines have work-holding fixtures for multiple work pieces to maximize the use of a tool once it’s in the spindle, while the smaller CNC Lathes use a magazine feed system that loads shorter bars. These machines also have programmable parts catchers coupled with the bar feeders that provide for unattended operation when the process permits.

Precision CNC Machining

Our Milling Department comprises of numerous 3 and 5 Axis machines for precision machining easily capable of of producing complex parts with critical components and tolerances. 


KAF's skillful personnel utilize the CNCs onboard programming and supplement it through offline programming software ESPRIT, a product of DP Technology.


We take pride in paying attention to detail, producing quality parts, and assuring our customers are satisfied.


Size control is automated by virtue of a computer-monitored position probing system. We have the inspection equipment necessary to measure the flatness and parallelism achieved.


CNC Machining

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