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Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM Machine

At KAF Manufacturing, we cover all aspects of Electrical Discharge Machining. Our Wire EDM Department includes 3 Sodick CNC Linear Wire EDM machines which enable us to cut 12 inches thick under the water and hold tolerances not achievable by many other processes.

Our conventional EDMs, also known as RAM type, are computerized, numerically controlled, and have automatic electrode changers. With electrode-holding equipment, such as System 3R mounted on our indexers, lathes, millers, and grinders, we can create very precise electrodes. Electrodes need to be created and sharpened, as well as, often recreated as they are consumed in the process.

To support these machines, we have a Sodick CNC High-Speed Small-Hole Burner which allows small holes and start holes to be cut at a high speed in difficult-to-machine materials such as carbide and heat-treated workpieces.

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