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Lapmaster Lapping Machine Precision Machining Services lapping Grinding
Double Sided Lappig Machine Precision Machining Services Lapping Grinding

Achieving superior surface finishes and tight tolerances is essential in precision machining. Flatness requirements often fall outside the realm of milling, facing, or grinding. We have free abrasive flat lapping both conventional abrasive and diamond abrasive. For those lapping projects that also call for parallelism, as well as, flatness requirements, we have double side planetary lapping.


Our slurries are prepared at KAF and delivered to the lapping surface via a computerized pumping station. Our lapping services employ advanced techniques to refine surfaces, ensuring excellent flatness, parallelism, and smoothness. Trust us for precision lapping that meets your exact specifications.

  • Free Abrasive Flat Lapping – Using both conventional and diamond abrasive


  • Double Side Planetary Lapping – Size control automated by computer-monitored position probing


  • Inspection system – Measures the flatness and parallelism achieved



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