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At KAF we utilize a fine collection of the very latest machines, inspection equipment, tools, and accessories.


The collection of machine tools listed below is located at our facilities within the various departments. We are very proud of the machines we use and the skilled specialists that run them. You are invited to visit our shop and see these machines in action.

Hexagon CMM Precision Machining Services Inspection Quality Control Facilities

 Inspection Department

We provide a complete Inspection and adhere to the AS9100D standard.

  • Hexagon Metrology Global Advantage / CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf PGI Optics, Form and Surface Measurement

  • Scienscope XT Video CMM

  • RAM Optical Video CMM

  • Federal Products Formscan Circular Geometry Gaging System

  • Olympus BX41M Nomarski Microscope

  • Brown & Sharpe Tesa Micro Height Gage

  • Zygo GPI-XP Interferometric System, MetroPro Data Analysis

  • Zygo Zegage plus, Interferometric 3D

  • Profiler, MetroPro Data Analysis

  • Mitutoyo PJ-A3010 Vertical Profile Projector

  • Microscopic Video Capture, ability to print, print to file and email

  • Bruker S1 Sorter X-ray Positive Material Identification

  • Mitutoyo PJ-A3010 Vertical Profile Projector

  • KEYENCE IM-8030T Instant Measurement System - 2 Machines

  • KEYENCE XM-1600 Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Zygo Verifire Interferometer

Diamond Turning Department

Precitech Nanoform Diamond Turning Precision Machining Services Optics Facilities
Zygo Diamond Turning Optics Precision Machining Services Facilities

We presently have 6 machines all built by Precitech / Ametek. This collection is a mix of high speed spindle, extended swing – up to 28″ dia. without risers and Slow Tool Servo / In-process gaging.

Our Diamond Turning Machines are isolated from external sources of vibration and influence. We maintain an extensive supply of both controlled radius tools and non-controlled radius tools. We also employ the “Diffsys” programming system. Our Inspection department is tailored to suit the special inspection requirements of the Diamond Turning Industry.

  • Precitech Planoform 650

  • Precitech Nanoform 700 ultra

  • Precitech Nanoform 250 ultra - 4 Machines

  • Precitech Nanoform X

CNC HAAS 1000ss CNC Milling 5 Axis Precision Machining Services Facilities
CNC Mazak Variaxis j 500 CNC Milling 5 Axis Precision Machining Services Facilities

CNC Machining Department

We offer an Ultra-Modern collection of high quality machine tools and work holding equipment.

  • Mazak Variaxis j 500/ 5X CNC Milling Center 5 AXIS - 2 Machines

  • Haas UMC 1000 , 5 Axis Mill

  • Haas Vertical Mill Super VF2

  • Southwest Industries 3 Axis Trak Mill DMP3 - 2 Machines

  • Mazak Nexus 510 C-II

  • Mazak Vertical Machining Center, Smart 430A - 3 Machines

  • Haas UMC 500, 5 Axis Mill - 2 Machines

Turning Department

  • Mazak SMART 100S Turning Center - 3 Machines

  • Mazak Nexus 100 Turning Center

  • Mazak Nexus 200 Turning Center

  • Mazak QT SMART 200 Turning Center

  • Mazak SMART250 Turning Center - 2 Machines

  • Hardinge Model HC Chucker

  • Hardinge Super Precision Lathe HLV

  • Hardinge Speed Lathe

CNC Lathe Precision Machining Services Facilities
Sodick Wire EDM AG600L Precision Machining Services Facilities

EDM Department

  • Sodick Wire EDM Model AG600L, 4 Axis

  • Sodick Wire EDM Model AG400L, 4 Axis

  • Sodick AM3L CNC Ram Type EDM 4 tool shuttle system with rotating and indexing spindle

  • Sodick CNC, High -Speed EDM Hole Drilling Machine, K3HS

  • Sodick AQ55L CNC Ram Type EDM, 32 Tool, Auto Tool Changer / C Axis

Grinding Department

  • Hairig 6″X12″ Automatic Surface Grinder, Digital Readout, 2 Axis

  • Misui-High Tech, Surface Grinder, 10″ x 20″ / Sony DRO

  • Lapmaster 36″ Free Abrasive Grinding/Lapping Machine

  • Lapmaster 24″ Free Abrasive Grinding/Lapping Machine

  • Lapmaster 20″ Diamond Grinding/Lapping Machine

  • PR Hoffman Double Side Lapping Machine

  • Okamoto Surface Grinding Machine, 6″ x 12″

General Shop

  • Stratasys F370 3D Printer

  • Lasonall Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Marking with Rotary Indexer

  • Cincinnati Sub Zero Environmental Chamber

  • Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M Moldatherm Box Furnaces

  • Amada Automatic Saw

  • Grob Vertical Saw - 2 Machines

  • Kysor Johnson Model J, Saw

  • Sunnen Hone, Auto Stroke

  • Branson Aqueous ultrasonic wash and DI Rinse

  • Reliance ULTRA Model 2012 LE-N Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasing System

  • Keyence Hybrid Laser Marking System 3 Axis

  • Brierley Drill Point Grinder

  • Haas 5C Indexer (4th axis) / 5 indexers

  • Haas HRT210-CNC Rotary Table (4th axis)

  • Empire Pressure Blast Finishing Machine

  • Lepel High Frequency Induction Heating Unit, 2.5 KW

  • Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor/ Vari - Speed Drive, 40 HP. 2 Compressors with drive and Ingersoll-Rand refrigerated air dryers

  • Roto-Finish Vibratory Finishing Machines - 2 machines

  • Toyota Lift Truck 4500 lb. Capacity

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