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Diamond Turning


Diamond Turned Mirrors

Diamond Turned Optics

Precitech Nanoform Diamond Turning

Our Single Point Diamond Turning machines are capable of generating complex higher-order shapes that include aspheric and spherical surfaces, ellipsoids, hyperboloids and paraboloids.

Ultra-precision electro-optics and precision mechanical components are machined using the latest technologies available. These ultra-precise Diamond Turning Machines produce highly reflective surfaces on aluminum, copper, brass, electro-less nickel and plastic work pieces.

Precitech Nanoform Diamond Turning

We also machine reflective surfaces in crystal materials such as germanium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide and silicon. Large parts can be machined to exacting standards using the extremely rigid Precitech Nanoform 350. Utilizing specially designed natural diamond cutting tools, highly reflective mirror surfaces are produced to submicron dimensional tolerances. The machining of interrupted cuts is a non-issue due to the rigidity of the system. These machines allow the scientist, optical designer and engineer to design systems that work in the infrared, visual and ultra-violet wavelengths. Utilizing the ZYGO Interferometric GPI, ZYGO Zegage Plus  Interferometric 3D Profiler, Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf PGI Optics, we can assure the customer of conformance to specification

Taylor Hobson
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